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Gutter, Fascia and Cladding Cleaning

Gutters, Fascias and Cladding

Dec 29

Gutter, Fascia and Cladding Cleaning

In a world where costs and more importantly maintenance are of paramount importance, we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries and orders for gutter maintenance and cleaning of fascias.

Whether you are considering the maintenance of old style properties where issues with gutters arise through the years, or the look and style of the modern office block, hospital, school or hotel, the issue and need for gutter clearance and cleaning is fast growing ......

The maintenance of gutters especially cannot be underestimated, the need to ensure they remain in full working order and able to drain away water is vital - the results of poorly maintained gutters can result in leaking roofs or worse, damage as moisture soaks into areas where it shouldn't be.

Often requested on an annual basis there are two methods to ensuring gutters are maintained to flow freely and provide the job their detailed for.

Extended Pole

The first option involves the use of extended poles and effectively a power suction tool to suck out gutters from the ground floor - much in the same way the water fed pole works.

Whilst this may sound feasible and relatively cost effective there is no guarantee of success or indeed the ability to clean out twigs, moss or even plants that may have grown.

Inspection By Use Of Access Plant

The only real way to effectively check the gutters and inspect what job is required, is to involve the use of access plant ( cherry picker / spider ) to access the height required.

CIS Window Cleaning can provide you with a clear inspection and action plan to ensure your gutters are not only cleaned and in full working order, but can then be maintained and cleaned annually.

Whilst using this equipment we often provide a wash down of adjoining fascias and cladding - with the use of hot water systems this is easily completed and ensures the building and maintenance, which you want looking first class, can remain in optimum condition.

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Cladding Washdown 2
Cladding Washdown
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