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Water Fed Poles

Water Fed Poles

Dec 29

Water Fed Poles

The use of water fed poles is another section of the industry that continues to change every year with the development of lighter and more efficient poles being brought to the market.

Gardener Poles are the market leader and we therefore ensure we speak with our supplier regularly to ensure we have the most up to date poles available.

The impact of the development of carbon fibre poles upon the environment is one angle that is essential to consider, and therefore the poles they produce are recycled and manufactured with a keen eye on environmental impact.

Ultimately though the impact on the use of the poles for our staff is a major consideration and so the more efficient the poles can be for our staff to safely and professionally clean your windows, the better it is for us all.

CIS Window Cleaning continues to work with our suppliers to ensure efficiency, sustainability in providing high standards and that our impact on the environment is minimal, whilst providing our clients with the very best professional window cleaning services.

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